VMware IaaS & Hybrid Cloud Powered

VMware Infrastructure as a Service & Hybrid Cloud Powered Services

Build industry leading cloud infrastructures with VMware vSphere, while delivering a compatible, secure and public cloud with Hybrid Cloud Powered Services.

Build your Cloud Strategy on VMware vSphere, the world’s leading server virtualization platform

Recognized as the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures, VMware vSphere will allow you to meet SLAs for the most demanding business critical business applications, while maintain lowest total cost of ownership. vSphere will underpin compatible public cloud offerings that can then form the foundation for the industry’s hybrid cloud model.

VMware IaaS Powered Services are built on vSphere, so will work with your internal vSphere environment and provide the same benefits:
1. Availability and Performance: business-critical applications and next gen applications
2. Storage: leverage server-side caching
3. Scalability: support largest workloads possible


Ensure your Service Architecture is built for a True Hybrid Cloud Experience

VMware Hybrid Cloud Services allow you quickly deploy workloads to a secure public cloud with the freedom to move them back and forth between internal and external environments as required. Based on VMware infrastructure, management and security products, Hybrid Cloud Powered Services allows you to confidently pool and deploy critical workloads and applications to a public cloud built on a comprehensive and proven security framework.

VMware Tested and Validated

To ensure the service architecture is built for a true hybrid cloud experience, VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered Services are validated by VMware, delivering peace of mind to customers that their workload will utilize the same VMware architecture off-premise as they are running in the their own virtualized datacenter. Each Hybrid Cloud Powered Service has been tested for the follow technical requirements:
• Built with VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director
• vCloud User APIs have been exposed to the cloud tenants
• Supports Open Virtualisation Format for bi-directional workload movements

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