How SoftLayer bare metal works

Understand how SoftLayer bare metal servers work

SoftLayer is built using a standardised pod design, with redundant best in class infrastructure. SoftLayer’s high performance rack design is highly automated and accessible with a web portal, mobile application and Open API’s.

SoftLayer Server Rack Architecture

SoftLayer Product Offerings

With the advanced degree of flexibility that SoftLayer offers to build your own cloud to your exact specifications, pricing is accordingly on a case by case basis. However as a starting point, rhipe – The Cloud Channel Company recommends the following architecture to build out your cloud solution:

Recommended Compute Configurations 
Across San Jose, Amsterdam, Melbourne, Sydney, Singapore data centers

SoftLayer Compute Configurations

Recommended Gateway Appliance Configurations
High Availability Pair

SoftLayer Gateway Appliance Configurations

  • Prices quoted are on a cost per-month basis in Australian Dollars (AUD)

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Seamlessly Migrate to Bare Metal

Work with rhipe to provision your operating systems, virtualisation environment and application layer to seamlessly migrate onto bare metal servers with SoftLayer. Or alternatively simply BYO and migrate easily across to leverage the power and performance benefits of SoftLayer.